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Burton Latimer Town Council

Library Update at 1st September 2020

BLTC is in the process of buying the Library from the County Council. This has been a protracted affair and we apologise if residents have thought the Library was permanently closed.

During the lockdown the BLTC have been recruiting staff and have made good progress on that front.

Also maintenance work is planned to make the building disabled compliant. This work will commence ASAP after the conclusion of the building purchase.

We will provide updates when we have news of progress.

For further information contact:


BLTC's proposals to save Burton Latimer Library

Burton Latimer Town Council has submitted its proposal to take over the running of our library and is now awaiting a response from Northamptonshire County Council.

Under Northamptonshire County Council's recently proposed chnges to countywide library services, it was clear that Burton Latimer would lose its library unless the Town Council – or some other community organisation – was prepared to step in.

Almost 100 people attended Burton Latimer Town Council's public meetings on 22nd and 29th January to discuss proposals to save our library – which were extremely well-received by those present. The main points of BLTC's plan (which was extremely well-received by those present) are:

  • The Town Council would purchase the library building and associated land from the County Council on favourable terms.
  • The library would be run as a 'Community Library', with certain facilities still provided by the County Council.
  • The library would be staffed by professional librarians, with volunteer support.
  • The library would be open for 33 hours per week – including two evenings, when it would be open till 7pm.
  • The cost of this proposal would be met by a £9.33 increase in the precept and by using ring-fenced monies from the wind farm account.

Using the ring-fenced monies in this way would still leave about £30,000 available annually for grants across the town. And increasing the precept by just under 25p a week (for a Band D property) This equates to £9.33 increase less than originally budgeted for will ensure our professionally-run library service continues.

Library Report

Progress is being made with the legal and financial processes involved in purchasing the Library. We are aiming to complete by the end of January 2020, but the exact date will be determined by the speed at which the legal work progresses. Recruitment for Library staff will begin soon.

The Council and Friends of the Library have worked with the Wellingborough Library manager and Community Managed Library Coordinators to reinstate the Rhymetime and Bounce and Rhyme sessions for the Under 5s which were recently withdrawn by NCC. These started again on Thursday 7th November. Initially they are being run by our librarian Michelle Brightwell, but two volunteers are being trained to continue them in the long term.

Volunteers are continuing to work hard to keep the Library open at lunchtimes and on Saturday mornings. We are delighted to have had some new recruits join us and are always happy to welcome new volunteers as we value all the help that they are giving. Please contact Linda Gregory on 07944 083170 or linda.gregory152@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested.

The Friends of the Library are working with Sam Tallant, our new Social Prescription Link worker, to investigate ways that the Library can be developed as a hub for health and wellbeing in the community.

We will be having a Christmas themed Coffee Morning on Saturday 14th December 10.30 – 11.30am at which St Mary's Church Community Choir will be performing some Carols and Christmas songs. All are welcome.

Burton Latimer Town and Council

4 September ·

Library Update:
Firstly, we would like to reassure everyone that the Library is not closing.The business plan put forward by BLTC to NCC has been accepted and we are now going through legal channels to finalise the purchase of the Library, but this is likely to take some months.

In the meantime NCC still owns and runs the Library and we face staff shortages, causing some ad hoc closures. Volunteers from the Friends of the Library are staffing the Library at lunchtimes.

Due to staff shortages, NCC is closing the Library on alternate Saturdays. We are exploring the possibility of volunteers providing some cover to keep it open. Please watch for updates in the Library and on Facebook.

NCC has also withdrawn some of the services for under 5s. BLTC is planning to resume these once we have our own staff in place.

We would like to thank all customers for their patience and support in this difficult transition period and the Library staff for their hard work.

Bullet Points from BLTC Meeting 01/10/2019

. Library update, the legal teams are now dealing with the sale and purchase of the library. Staff issues have been addressed. To minimise Saturday closures BLTC are paying for some extra hours. Additional cover is being provided by volunteers organised by the Friends of the Library.

From 21st September the Library will be open 1000 - 1200 on Saturdays, run by volunteers from Friends of Burton Latimer Library.

Northamptonshire County Council is no longer able to provide staff for Saturday opening. The Friends of Burton Latimer Library are kindly providing volunteers to open it for two hours. The self service machines and printer/photocopier will be available but we are sorry that the computers will not be, nor can volunteers access the staff computer for ordering books.
Please bring correct cash for any purchases and/or change for the printer as volunteers cannot access the till.
Thank you for your continued support of our Library.
Burton Latimer Town Council is making progress with the purchase of the Library, but it is slower than we had hoped.

If you would like to offer your services as a volunteer, please contact Councillor Linda Gregory on 07944 083170 or linda.gregory152@yahoo.co.uk