Burton Latimer Town Council

Serving the people of Burton Latimer

Clerk: Mrs Helen Denton-Stacey
The Harold Mason Centre, 120
High Street, Burton Latimer
Northamptonshire NN15 5RH

Cllr Jay Mitchell-Bunce

Cllr Jay Mitchell-Bunce

I have lived in Burton Latimer for over 20 years and raised two wonderful children who have benefited from attending local schools, using the library, attending the pocket park events, and making strong friendships.

Although the town has grown dramatically in this time, there is still asense of community in the town, and I hope that being part of the council, I will be able to help nurture and build on this.

I have taught in Kettering for most of my time in Burton Latimer, and maybe because of this, I am passionate about maintaining our library service. The library enables children (and adults alike) to access worlds and universes beyond the confines of their home.

The councillors of Burton Latimer have made a strong stand in defending our library, and I look forward to helping build this asset as a cornerstone of Burton Latimer for a long time into the future.

48 Spinney Road
Burton Latimer
NN15 5ND
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07862 901110