Burton Latimer Town Council

Serving the people of Burton Latimer

Clerk: Mrs Helen Denton-Stacey
36 Sherrier Way, Lutterworth
Leicestershire LE17 4NW

Bullet points of the meeting held Tuesday 2nd June

The bullet points of the meeting held Tuesday 2nd June are:

BLTC have now received the full property report and have answered all questions, so are pushing forward with the purchase of the library & are hoping for a completion date shortly.

The Town Council are awaiting samples to approve the new signage for the Harold Mason Centre

The volunteer scheme continues to be a huge success & is helping many residents daily.

The Town Council are looking for suggestions & ideas for what residents would like to see at the monthly market.

The Town Council are aware of the current graffiti issues, plans are in place to identify the culprits to take legal action & repair the unsightly mess.

The Town Council have received a number of complaints regarding crowds at the Pocket Park, may we remind that a 2 metre rule is in place to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. Signage will be installed.

Posted: Tue, 09 Jun 2020 15:48 by Helen Denton-Stacey

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