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Bullet points of the meeting held 1st September 2020

Bullet points of the meeting held 1st September

Councillors are to conduct a Town walkabout to identify footpath, hedge and tree issues raised by residents.

Western Power will be reducing the height of two trees within the Pocket Park which are close to the power lines.

The Library purchase has been delayed due to Covid 19. The final queries are now being discussed with solicitor's in the anticipation of a completion date shortly. Staff recruitment is progressing well following interviews taking place. Notices will be added explaining the delay and to assure residents that the purchase is going ahead.

The Town Council have agreed to plant a yellow blossom tree in memory of all affected by Covid 19. Cllr Jenny Davies is heading this project up.

Residents have sent correspondence regarding the speeding issues on Finedon Road and Isemill Road. These have been addressed to the County Council and we are awaiting a response. The Town Council is going to investigate options to help alleviate the issues.

The library section of the website was raised by a resident as it has not been updated . The Town Council have explained this section is created for the library once purchased where all updated library services and news will be added.

The Town Council is currently digesting the updated white paper on planning policy changes. These will be discussed at the next Planning meeting and formal consultation feedback will be submitted.

Posted: Wed, 02 Sep 2020 16:26 by Helen Denton-Stacey

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